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Quality Plan Administrators, Inc. (QPA) always strives to find new and innovative ways to provide DC Government employees and dependents with access to their vision benefits. With that in mind, we are proud to announce the QPA V2 Web Portal! The V2 Web Portal provides employees with better access to QPA's network and great customer service care. Thru the Web Portal DC Government employees and their dependents can view account information, eligibility, claim history, claim status, and EOBs (explanation of benefits) that can be viewed and downloaded. The information on the Web Portal is real time patient health benefit information derived from QPA's claims management system.

Providers on QPA's network also have access to the V2 Web Portal and can verify patient eligibility, view claim status, and view EOBs. Due to HIPAA regulations, providers may only view claim history for their own office. Via the Web Portal, employees and dependents have the ability to:

  • Participate in a live chat with available QPA representatives
  • Have Email interaction through the Web Portal in which reimbursement claims and supplemental documents can be attached
  • Direct questions can be asked regarding certain claims through messaging

All information or requests transmitted through the Web Portal is secure and can only be viewed by the employee/provider and QPA staff. To take advantage of all the great features the QPA V2 Web Portal has to offer, a DC Government employee must be eligible for vision benefits. It only takes a few minutes to register on the provided website. Registration instructions are attached. If you need help registering or have questions about the Web Portal please contact: 202-722-2744 Ext. 27. As always Quality Plan Administrators wants to provide DC Government employees with efficient and easy access to their vision benefits and your feedback is always appreciated.

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